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Career Opportunities

Thank you for visiting our Web Site today to discover the advantages of becoming a member of the National Aircraft Appraisers Association (NAAA).

The NAAA is the trade association and certifying authority for professional aircraft appraisers. Founded in 1980, the NAAA is the only working trade association for aircraft appraisers in the United States. The NAAA's sole purpose is to provide prompt, accurate information and services to its members and to the entire aviation community.


Our members are professionals in aviation who combine the skills they have honed in their years of service into a new profession in the appraisal industry.  Look for our minimum requirements below to see if you qualify to become a professional aircraft appraiser.

The NAAA and its 250 members set the standard of the aircraft appraisal process. We recognize that our honest, objective, totally professional approach to appraising aircraft will enhance our income opportunities. We inform aircraft buyers, sellers, their financial institutions, and others about the general condition and value of aircraft. We assist aircraft dealers and fixed base operators by attracting aircraft buyers and sellers as a result of the written aircraft appraisal. We help financial institutions increase their aircraft portfolios by verifying that the collateral they are about to assume is valid.

There are a myriad of reasons why aircraft are appraised on a regular basis. As a member of the NAAA, you will be working with lending institutions, court systems, corporations, insurance companies, state and federal government agencies, individual aircraft buyers, and sellers. Each of those entities has a need for your personal effort and expertise in appraising aircraft. Each of them will depend on your total objectivity and independence in doing the job fairly and accurately.

NAAA members offer a unique service. Through the use of our software applications, databases, and research staff, association members are able to appraise aircraft at their current market value. This service offers your clients accurate and prompt appraisals at a reasonable cost. Additionally, working within the only network of professional aircraft appraisers, you can provide aircraft appraisals for your clients almost anywhere in the nation while keeping the fees at a very reasonable level..

Aircraft appraisal became a growth business beginning with the savings and loan crisis of the mid 1980's when the federal government looked to the appraisal industry for more honesty and credibility in appraisals for all disciplines.  The types of documentation and loan practices being  used by lending institutions came under scrutiny, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) published guidelines for good operating practices that require all banks making loans to gather evidence of the market value of the collateral being financed. The form of evidence to which this agency refers is an appraisal.

Buyers and sellers who have an interest in knowing the true market value of an aircraft are potential clients. Also, those who are upgrading their aircraft will need appraisals for refinancing. Insurance companies, flying clubs, lawyers, and others need professional appraisers to aid them in evaluating aircraft thus leading to an ongoing business as well as a significant income. You can apply the aviation skills you have developed along with new skills you will learn in ways that will create real opportunity in aircraft appraisal.

The National Aircraft Appraisers Association provides its services to members only. There is a one time charge of $600 to buy a license to use our software.  Additionally, there is an annual membership dues of $870 per year which is the membership's shared cost of operating the Association. This fee includes all of the services the NAAA provides to its members including the monthly updates of the aircraft data.

NOTE: The annual dues can be paid by credit card on a monthly basis of $75. per month. If the application for membership is declined the $600 software payment will be returned promptly.

Do You Qualify For Membership?

Our standards require that applicants for membership possess the experience level and meet the requirements of one of the following:
#1. To join NAAA based on Pilot Experience - An applicant must have a minimum of 1,500 hours total flying time, of which 500 hours is multi-engine time. He/she must also possess a commercial pilot certificate with instrument and multi-engine ratings and a management background in aviation.
#2. To join NAAA based on Mechanical Experience - An applicant must have at least two years as a working A&P mechanic not including time spent in school.
#3. To join NAAA based on Aircraft Sales Experience - An applicant must have at least three years experience working as a sales person at a recognized aircraft sales organization. The experience must be verified in writing by the organization. Claiming to be a self-employed aircraft broker for three years does not meet the requirement.
Members from outside the United States are welcome. However, they must speak, read, and write English.

How do you join NAAA?

To join the National Aircraft Appraisers Association fill out the membership application that can be found by clicking on the link below. Mail it along with your check for $600, to the address below. If you intend to pay your dues annually then you must send a check for $1,470 or signify that you wish to charge the entire amount to your credit card on your application. You may also fax (248) 769-6084) or email the application ( if you will be using a credit card for your Software license and annual or monthly dues.  There is no charge for applying. If you are not accepted for any reason your check will be promptly returned and/or your credit card information will be destroyed.

The National Aircraft Appraisers Association is currently expanding its membership and we believe once you have sized the market and profit opportunity you will want to join us.
Obviously, it is not easy to explain all of the benefits of being a member of the Association. However, once you study the appraising manual, receive access to the software application, and identify with all of the related material, we feel that you will then understand the future that is waiting for you in the field of aircraft appraisal. To get started, send in your membership application today and begin your rewarding new career in aircraft appraisal


Levels of Appraisal Excellence:

There are three levels of membership within NAAA. You will wish to become certified as soon as possible and advance rapidly through our programs so that you may take advantage of all levels of the appraisal business within your area.
#1. Member. With that designation you are in a learning state awaiting the next NAAA Basic Appraisal Course.
#2. Certified Aircraft Appraiser. You receive that designation once you have completed our NAAA Basic Appraisal Course, which is given four times a year in Orlando, Florida. You are then authorized to write appraisal reports on any piston engine aircraft that are in our databases.
#3. Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser. You receive that designation once you have completed our Senior Certified Appraiser course, which is given once a year. You are then authorized to write certified reports on any piston or turbine aircraft that are in our databases.  With that designation you have reached the highest level attainable in appraisal practice which includes the ability to write USPAP reports.  USPAP, or the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, is used for all of our turbine aircraft appraisals as well as work on legal cases and certain government required reports.  NAAA members are required to know and understand our ethics guidelines and requirements. To review them please click here.

Appraising Manual:

The Association has developed a complete on-line appraising manual which covers in detail every aspect relating to aircraft appraisal and running a business. The manual contains 6 sections that describe the day to day business processes such as office procedures, filing reports, marketing, and the appraisal process. The manual gives detailed instructions on evaluating each of the aircraft components such as: airframe, engines, avionics, propellers, damage history, paint, interior, airframe and engine modifications, AD inspection status, etc.

Software Application:

Our software application is web based and can be accessed using any computer with its web browser.
If you have any questions, please give us a call.
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